Google Drive in LibreOffice

LibreOffice can now connect and browse Google Drive files (but not yet released nor merged ;) ). Although creation a session the first time takes around 3-4 seconds since we have to pass a number of steps of OAuth2 . Still, it doesn’t redirect you to a web browser like other applications. In case of Google Drive file formats, LO converts it automatically to ODF or other compatible formats before opening. Then when you save, it automatically converts back to Google formats. Handy, is n’t it? But there is currently a bug in CMIS file picker which prevents us from opening a file without an extension. We are working to fix it soon. You can also create file and folder directly in the file picker dialog.


In addition, we can now display, edit and save Google Drive document properties using the properties dialog. We can only edit updatable properties from server.


I still have some bugs to fix such as: file saving isn’t working yet due to several reasons; properties of document can have multiple values.


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    1. nccuong Post author

      ooo2gd is an outdated plugin, it doesn’t work with the current LO. Plus, it’s Java, means it’s slow and java dependent. The new feature is LO native using C++, which is faster, the slow part is due to the network connection. In addition, IIRC the obsolete plugin doesn’t work with OAuth2 nor the new Google Drive API.

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